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About Us


Meet the Owner/ Head Baker

 I am Erica Hunter, Baltimore native who now calls Atlanta home. I am a wife, mom of 3 and 'lover of life". I've had a passion for baking, cooking, and housewares for as  long as I can remember. I am self taught, and work hard to use the best ingredients, to provide stellar confections to my customers. Faith, Food and Family.... my forever reasons why!


Sweet Lois...

Lois is what we affectionately called my grandmother. She was the first person to introduce me to my love for baking. Saturdays at her house were always so special, watching her make her classic vanilla cake with fudge frosting. She'd give you life lessons, bible lessons and encouragement simultaneously. She was the ROCK of our family, we are reaping the Blessings as a family, from her obedience to the Lord. I KNEW I had to honor her.... and naming my business in her honor was just the perfect fit. i can feel her presence when I'm in element baking. 


Our mission....

Meticulously hand crafted baked goods, is the ultimate mission and goal. Whether you need a cake for your wedding, a beautiful berry tart for Brunch, or cupcakes for your counter space; Sweet Lois has you covered. 

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